Wednesday, January 12, 2011

let's eat!

i've been saving these up for a few months now.  ever since going on the GF diet, we've actually been eating really well, thanks to Silvana NardoneThe Cake Mix Doctor and magazines like Living Without and Gluten Free Living.  it's amazing what you find you CAN eat when you just get out there and pay attention.  GF diets are becoming more and more frequent in our society.  almost any restaurant you go to now has some sort of GF options.  (that's another post altogether, though.)  naturally, though, it's far easier to eat at home than out.  and surprisingly, a good bit of what we already eat is GF, we just didn't know it.  for instance, a roast cooked in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots, covered with Lipton French Onion soup is GF.  but when we first started, we bought Silvana Nardone's book Cooking for Isaiah and started cooking out of that.  here are just a few of our adventures in GF cooking:

this entire meal is from Sivlana -

Grilled Asparagus with Creamy Lemon Dip

this is the lemon dip - and it was SOOOO good!

grilling the asparagus

grilling the Grilled Peach BBQ Chicken Wings
the sauce for the chicken - has peach jam, vinegar, garlic, salt and hot sauce (which we left out)


chicken and sauce!

my plate!

bubba didn't like the asparagus...

and marti isn't a rice person...

but the meal was a HUGE hit!!!

loving our first meal out of Silvana's book, we decided to try the rest of her recipes.  this was breakfast for dinner:

banana pancakes...

with warm cinnamon goo!

cooking the pancakes

this was a first for me

but they were SOOOO good!!!

so here are a few other adventures - i'll let you know where the recipe came from in the caption:

rosemary sprigs...

Silvana's Maple-Mustard Pork Loin...

pork loin with bacon and potatoes

finally finished!!!  it was SO delicious!  and a great attempt for someone (like me) whose never done anything like this!

the kids' plates :)

mixing Silvana's strawberry cupcakes

perfectly pink...
for a princess's party cupcakes!!

gluten free noodles...must be cooked VERY carefully

ground turkey...

yep.  velveeta and stewed tomatoes...see where this is going?

mixed the noodles, tomatoes, and meat together and then threw in chunks of velveeta

baked it until the cheese was melted and stirred it in.  this was my recipe and it turned out really good, but it did NOT reheat.  ick.

my take on my Logan's Roadhouse favorite - Southwest BBQ Chicken.  i started by tossing the chicken breasts in a skillet with vegetable oil (olive oil works good, too)

then i poured some jack daniel's hickory brown sugar BBQ sauce over it 

...chopped a tomato and smothered it with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses!  and those are not normal green beans and corn - i cook them in a TON of butter and salt :)

bubba's ninth birthday party was a lego party, so we made pizza

store bought GF pizza crusts (they're squares), squeeze on sauce and cheese and pepperoni

pop 'em in the oven for about 15 minutes and you're good!

and this is the only picture i have of his cake, but i made it following the Cake Mix Dr's GF recipe for a yellow layered cake, i just didn't layer it.

and that's all i've got for now.  hopefully it's inspired you to try some new recipes!  it's inspired me to go have lunch!

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